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Open everyday by appointment.


The vineyard

Our vineyard is planted on sunny hillsides ranging in Cuisles, Marfaux, Jonquery and Chatillon-sur-Marne.

For more diversity, we grow three grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and mainly Meunier. The blend of these three varieties brings the emblematic taste of Champagne.

The grape variety “Meunier” gives character and specifity to the Champagne of the Marne Valley. It is absolutely typical from the Marne Valley. The name “Meunier” (miller) comes from its branches with white extremities resembling flour.


The AOC Champagne (controlled designation of origin)

The Champagne region is defined by a controlled designation of origin (AOC), adopted in 1927. It includes 34.000 hectares.

Our terroir

The Champagne terroir is characterized by its location and its specific climate, which forms the grapes' typicality and brings freshness and finesse required in Champagne.

Located in the northern limit of the vine culture, the Champagne region has a rigorous climate for vines. Furthermore, the double climate influence being oceanic and continental induces frosts that can be heavy and destructive in winter. On the other hand, summers are pretty hot with limited sunshine. The grape gains all its aromas thanks to a slow maturation.

Another significant characteristic of the Champagne region is its limestone subsoil. Chalk helps draining the ground and stocks water in the subsoils which is ideal for plants and enables the grapes' maturation. The terroir of Cuisles possesses a typicality: the subsoils contains green clay which remains wet, even during dry phases.

Our vines insolation is mostly southeastern.

This unique combination gives the Champagne its extraordinary finesse which is building its reputation.


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Opening hours

Open everyday by appointment.

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